Artist Statement

Theatre creates communities. The living transfer of energy that occurs when actors and audiences are confronted with one another is a vital and potent relationship. It lives and breathes and takes on unpredictable forms. When it finally resolves it lingers on in the memory of its creators and witnesses, not only in their minds but in their bodies as well. Slowly, unevenly, yet deliberately, our art reaches and shapes the people who are there to see it. We can find connections we didn’t know existed, glimpsing new and better ways of being.


The word aesthetic comes from the Greek word aisthētikós, which means “of sense perception,” a word itself derived from the Greek word aisthánomai: “I feel.” My work as an actor and creator is rooted in my sensory experience of the world, and it is through a living experience that I want to communicate with audiences. The richness of theatre lies in the tension latent in the newly inaugurated community created by the actors onstage. I feel most alive when I am connected to the world and the people around me, when I can see how simultaneously beautiful and hideous everything is, when my existence is subsumed into something much larger.


Theatre is a real time and a real place. What happens inside might be imaginary, but the fact that it is actually taking place, that it can be seen and touched and tasted, makes the experience a reality. I am a theatre artist because I know the world needs more communities. We need more spaces to come together and see what is usually obscured or ignored and feel a part of something. Art challenges audiences and the artists creating it. I believe this challenge is best taken together.



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